Other Services

Other Services

We offer all kinds of services at Bridge Garage Manchester, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your specific issue described under our other headings. We can handle everything from ABS faults to water in your gearbox, including:

Engine Treatments

Carefully formulated to protect, clean, and lubricate your engine, our specialist engine treatments can improve the performance of your engine with one simple procedure.


From headlights to indicators, we can repair or replace your car’s bulbs so that they can light your way and help to keep you safe on the road.


Your car’s onboard computer can help to diagnose mechanical issues and improve performance, with a little help from our specialist software.


Your car’s suspension does more than just give you a smooth ride, but it can become worn out or defective over time, leading to reduced braking ability and more.

Wheel Alignment

Over time, the wheels of your car may bend slightly, making it harder to steer and break, but we can help straighten you out.

Windscreen Wipers

Although they are one of the simpler parts of a car, your windscreen wipers are vital for maintaining visibility, so let us help you see clearly on the road.

Winter Safety Checks

Cold weather can increase the strain on your car, so undertaking winter safety checks with expert assistance should help you avoid engine trouble or parts seizing up in the snow.

Locking Wheel Nuts Removed

If your wheel nuts have locked up and you cannot remove them with the standard socket, we can help you get them off and replace your wheels and/or locking nuts.

DPF Issues

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are designed to filter out harmful chemicals from diesel exhausts but can become clogged over time, requiring expert assistance which we can provide.

Clutch Issues

Issues with your clutch can make it seriously difficult (and dangerous) to drive, which is why our technicians will help you to quickly diagnose and fix any issues with your clutch.

Gearbox Issues

Small issues with your gearbox or transmission can quickly turn into noisy, costly damages, which is why our mechanics will work hard to diagnose and fix any gearbox issues you may have.

Electrical Faults

If you’re having trouble starting your engine or opening your windows, then there could be a fault with your car’s electrical system, which our technicians can help to diagnose and fix.

Water Ingress

Over time, water may find its way into your car, damaging your car’s inner workings, so let us help you stay high and dry with our water ingress assistance.

Breakdown Recovery

If your car has broken down and you need it fixed, we can help get you to a garage and back on the road with expert assistance – please call us to learn more.


Although many modern cars are constructed from fancy polymers and alloys, welding is sometimes necessary for repairs, so contact us for welding services if you notice any cracks or deformities on your car.

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